Apr 6, 2007

Good Friday

It's a Good Friday alright!
My bluebird couple are back!

This morning they were busy courting and basking in the warm Kelowna sun.

Because I live in a semi-arid desert region, we never get the rain that is always in the news for greater BC. I am enjoying the sun and watching my perennials grow like mad. The magnolia trees will be popping this weekend.
I love the cool mountain air evenings and warm sunny days.

Funny how I said "my" bluebirds isn't it?
The thing is.... God special ordered these birds for me. He knows I love the color of them, and I really enjoyed watching them last spring and summer. They perch on a huge tree in my neighbors yard that is right in front of my deck and bedroom window. Talk about special treatment! He enjoys lavishing His love upon us in ways that carry great depth, only to us.

God is into special orders. It is very evident to me, through reading the various blogs of my friends, that He is into "special orders"
We are all so uniquely wired, and express His creative heart in such different ways. I love that about God. Thank goodness we are not all alike, what a bore that would be!

Today I celebrate the unique qualities and strengths of my family and friends!

Thank you God that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and that Your thoughts are so precious towards us, that they outnumber the grains of sand! No matter where we go, you are always there with us.(Ps.139)

Thank you God, that we each carry a unique fragrance of Jesus.

Thank you that You love to spoil us with Your kindness each day


Jen said...

I get the biggest kick out of some of these little unasked for gifts.
God is constantly reminding us of his love through seemingly insignificant things that would mean nothing to anyone else...but the world to us! He is GOOD. Enjoy your day...we are freezing in Belleville again...

Teena said...

thanks for sharing that cheryl. that's so cool. i can't wait to see what special thing (that is unique to me) God has for me. yes it's freezing here!

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to see what God has for you either. Hope its not a snow suit!LOL!

Love you Teenie!

Rhonda said...

When I was much younger I used to wish I had a twin. I wanted a best friend exactly like me.

I'm glad we are all different. So many wonderful flavours.

Yes - unfortunately it is FREEZING here. I'm not dreaming of a white Easter!

Holly said...


Williams Family Blog said...


Thank you for reminding me I am unique and I celebrate the fact my God has created me so.

Also, I love it when you write of the mountains, birds, nature.Being an outdoorsy girl, I love being reminded of the handiwork of my creator.


Williams Family Blog said...

I agree,



Cheryl said...

Yes, Teena does need a blog! I already called her on the phone about it a few days ago.
She needs a gentle push!

Help me girls!

Roxanne said...

At my last house I used to ask God to send the deer to my yard. The deer seemed so peaceful to me. They reminded me of God's presence.

At my new house I have a little pond in my backyard. It too reminds me of God's peace and presence. Maybe the deer will come here too! I welcome a multiplied blessing!!

Roxanne said...

Come on Teena! Join the team!

teena said...

ok ok ok

Cheryl said...

Thanks Teenie!

Glad you joined the group.