Jun 17, 2007

What My Dad Did Right

Today is Father's Day, and my kids, hubby and I spent the weekend camping (girlie camping) at a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. What a great way to spend Father's Day.
I can't let this day go by without bragging about my DAD.
In a day in age, when so many people complain, and we can become a little too focused on how our parents may have failed. I wanted to literally "sing from the mountain tops" about all the things my dad did right. He wasn' perfect, and neither am I as a parent............. so cudo's to him for doing such a great job in fathering my brother and myself.

Here are just a few of the things he did right:
  1. Has a super attitude about most things in life
  2. Prefers to laugh and tell jokes whenever possible
  3. Served and honored his own father in very detailed ways until he was over 65
  4. Took me with him when he was farming on the weekends for his dad.
  5. Loved to sing, and lots of silly songs.
  6. Would always bite for my hints to stop for dairy queen on Sunday nights after church
  7. Made all my kids feel like they were the most special grandchild ever
  8. Was and is an amazing business man
  9. Has a huge compassionate heart, and cries at all sappy movies and or commercials
  10. Loves God's word and knows more by heart that I could ever imagine
  11. Always read the nativity story and prayed with us before opening presents on Christmas morning.
  12. Is my mom's # 1 fan
  13. Treats my husband like his own son
  14. Believes in me and prays daily for me
  15. Tells me he loves hearing my voice on the phone
  16. Taught me ALOT about gardening, and always picks berries with me every year


Jen said...


I am glad you have so much to be thankful for in your dad. I never knew him well, but from what I know, he really is a great man.

I felt I needed to honor my dad in my post this Father's Day...it wasn't easy, but I looked for what God saw. I wrote a true AND honoring post. I sent it to him today...a little concerned about the reaction.
He was truly blessed and thankful and it made him cry....I have almost never seen my dad cry....I am glad God had me write it.

Rhonda said...

Beautiful post and a wonderful read on Father's Day. Bless you and your relationship with your Dad.

Sue said...

Beautiful Cheryl, what an honor to him.

Amy said...

Love it Cheryl....can tell now where you got some of your "quirks" from!!
I, too, am blessed with a wonderful father..and a wonderful father to my children. God is so good!!

Shari said...

Nice read.

I miss my Dad!

Anonymous said...

Your Profile

Astrological Sign: Libra

I'm just wondering What does it (Astrological Sign: Libra) have to do with the rest of your Christian profile

Nadine said...

What a lovely tribute - sounds like a great man.

Holly said...

When you are a member of blogger and you add your birth date it automatically puts your astrologial sign in. The only way around that is to not put in your birthdate.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Holly! I was going to put that on.........

Tom Zawacki said...

You know a tree by the fruit it bears, yes, your dad MUST have been a very good man... Just look at how awesome his daughter is!


Cheryl said...

Ah Thanks Tom! Ditto for you brother!