Jul 7, 2007

Gratitude Saturday

I awoke early this morning, and had time just to myself to sit and look at the mountains from my deck. I had time to talk to God and think about good things.

This Saturday I am grateful for my husband Sid.
He's quite a man. No formal post secondary education but so far at the age of 42 he has done a number of jobs. He's been an orderly, started 3 businesses, pastored, mentored, helped to start 3 charitable organizations and ministries, and now, he is a builder.

Actually he's always been a builder. Always building into the lives of others and helping things to get started and to build it into something substantial.

I have come to realize that a builder often doesn't get to live in or enjoy the long-term benefits of something he has built. He just sees the vision, gets crews to work together , helps to give oversight to build it and then, after it is in order and functioning to the its original mandate, he is often given another God -given opportunity to partner with someone or something, to build again.
In past years, I viewed this as upheaval and a lack of security for me, but now, I see with God's perspective. This is who he is meant to be and I am grateful for it. I am proud of him, and admire his stamina, ability to adjust to any new situation that God puts in his path.

Today I am grateful for:
  • His ability to adjust to any new situation God places before him
  • His deep love for our kids
  • His daily encouragement to me
  • His smile, his encouragement that he loves to give out at random to people
  • His love for God and the things of the kingdom.

I am a blessed woman, who is a builders wife.


Shari said...

I would agree that Sid is a builder in so many aspects. Kevin had the opportunity to build along side of Sid in both ministry and other ways.

We have lots of memories from ministry to deck building and don't forget... the time we were all heating with wood and had a "cutting and splitting party" at your place. Lots of wood to pile and burn after that day!

When Pastor Jeff was here in the spring he mentioned how Sid in now loving this new phase in his life of "building homes". Life is always interesting - you never know what God has for us around the next corner.

I'm learning to relax and not try to "figure it all out" BUT to enjoy more of the journey!!

"Happy Building" - Sid.

p.s. I thought Sid was older than me - reality can be painful!

Nana Cheryl said...

Isn't it awesome when God shows us HIS perspective? THEN we understand a lot of the "why" questions and our frustration turns into: "Oh, NOW I see!" I love it when God gives us a picture or insight that just explains so much.

I would like to take opportunity to thank Sid as well for all that he has built in our lives - including my very first deck that he, Kevin and Wayne built!!

I have been blessed and "built up" through his roles as pastor, teacher, ministry team leader, co-worker, and most of all, friend.

Thank you - Sid, a Builder in God's Kingdom.

Nadine said...

What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading your views on builders in the kingdom and in the natural.

Holly said...

So...did Sid pay you to say he was 42?!!! Hee....hee.....

Shaun and I adore Sid. We are thankful for him too!

Amy said...

We, too, are so thankful for Sid...he has come along side of us and encouraged us more than he or you know... Together, you are a beautiful couple..

Jen said...

Sid has been instrumental in REBUILDING as well...
Like being a part of the rebuilding of a family who when they met Sid, were in a place of utter devastation....
Thanks for helping to lay a new, solid fondation Sid....we will always be greatful for your hearing and obeying God when we first met you.
Loads of Love,
Jen and Mark

Cheryl said...


I'm the one who's 42!!!!
Silly me, well, it stumped Shari!!
Sorry Shari, you are younger.

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone........ I showed them to Sid and he was blessed beyond words.

Tammy said...

Oh Cheryl, your great!!!
I know that whatever you both put your hands to do it will be done with excellence and with ministry in mind. In everything we do we do for the glory of God. Whether were preaching or building homes or polishing someones toes....... :)
it's for HIM!!!!! Blessings on you both in all you do!!!!
We love you :)

LL said...

love your perspectives on worship... I go to Tom's church and am a worship leader there... and by the way - recently "met" Holly W online and think she is just amazing!!

have a great day!

Cheryl said...

How cool?!! Its a small world!

Teena said...

hey cheryl

You're very insightful and Sid is great at a lot of things. Say hi for me!

Sue said...

Awww, that is so sweet!

Tom Zawacki said...

Great post! You guys are blessed to have each other and I am blessed to know you both.


Rhonda said...

Wonderful tribute about your husband. And all so very true. I love it when a wife shows appreciation to her husband.

You both were key in building our foundation and we value the time that you invested in us.

Love you guys!!