Nov 17, 2007

Gratitude Saturday

This day... I'm thankful for my Dad. Its his birthday today, so what a great Gratitude Saturday topic.

My Dad, he's quite the man. He has been a tremendous son, husband, father and friend.

Here's just a few of my favorite things about him.

  • He loves to laugh and visit with people, young..old... new friends...or first time matters not, he just loves people.
  • He's one handsome dude and in better shape that me, I might add!
  • He has a super soft spot and a big crush on my mom... 49 years married and holding!
  • He loves the word of God .. did I say LOVE, I mean LOVE. Its always been a high value for him to love, read, honor, and obey God's word.
  • He loves outdoors, gardening.... and best yet... helping me with my gardens!
  • He's super nostalgic and a real tender-hearted man. Cries at sappy movies or reading cards... or anything that speaks of love and tenderness. I LOVE that about my Dad, and I learned it from him too.
  • He has a tender touch. He often will tap my arm or shoulders when saying something kind to me.
  • He loves my husband and believes in him. He's been a true father to him, and treated him like his own.
  • He adores his grandkids! He loves to play with them, whether they are only 1 year old, or in my kids case.. are 16-20 years old! Even with my handicapped daughter, where its hard to find a way to connect with her... he finds the way that works for her, and reaches out.
Well, I can go on and on, but I'll save more treasures about my Dad for another day.

One of my fondest memories with my dad was when he used to place my feet on top of his, and hold my arms tightly and face to face he would lead us around the room in a dance. Years later a worship leader and friend of mine wrote a song called, "Let me dance"
Immediately after hearing the song, it reminded me of my fantastic father, and I realized right then, that he had become a great literal picture of my perfect Father in heaven.

"Let me dance, let me dance
With my feet on Your feet and my heart in Your hands"

Thanks Dad, I'm forever grateful for your love and the symbolism of that act and how its a reflection of the tenderness of God. You are a gift to me... and to many.


Anonymous said...

DEAR Sweet Loving Adorable Daughter Cheryl,
Thanking You For Your Wonderful Comments And Birthday Greetings.
Laura & I Are So Happy That You Are Experiencing New Opportunities To Serve God And Most Of All Seeing You Having More Opportunities To Enjoy Life ,Your Family & Friends.

Love You,


Rhonda said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad (and my uncle). I enjoyed reading it and seeing him through your eyes. Your Dad is a wonderful man with very admirable qualities.

Your dad and mom both have taken the time to speak into my life and I always feel valued after being with them.

Bless your relationship with your Daddy.

Love you lots,


Roxanne said...

You are blessed to have such a Dad.

Holly said...

How nice to read and know it is a TRUE story! ;o)

Cheryl said...

Yah! He's a keeper:-)

Nadine said...

What a wonderful tribute. Lovely words to the song. I see how that would instantly bring that memory to mind.

Shari said...

Treasure the moments and make loads of memories with your Dad!!