Feb 17, 2008

Advancing Through Worship

Well, as many of you know I have had some challenging days in front of me. This week was even more challenging with hours and hours of hospital assessments, and no clear answers, and more physical deterioration for my sweet daughter.

By Thursday evening I was very weary, frustrated and very concerned to see my daughter suffering so much.
Some of the care she received at the hospital, was no where close to the care that is fit for a princess, and a daughter of the King.

This is where the frustration starts for me. I KNOW that my daughter is a princess, and often others are unable to see her priceless value.

I know that God is in charge and I believe in His promises to me and my family.
I believe that He is concerned about every thing that I am concerned about.
His word says that He even cares if a sparrow falls to the ground.

This is where the intense frustration starts for me. An intense turmoil boils within my spirit when my current reality has not yet aligned with His promises to me.

This is the same turmoil that has been around since Adam and Eve. This is the intense reality of living in a world where there is constantly a battle between Light and Darkness. We live in a fallen world. We are constantly faced with the outcome of a fallen world. The power to overcome this battle and push through only comes through worship.

This is where I know the victory lies.

The truth is I can choose to continue to partner with the Victorious One by engaging in worship. This is where the power is. This is where the light is, and this is where we can choose to be overcomer's. We can advance with praise.

Praise is our weapon of warfare. The bible is filled with stories of challenges, obstacles, and wars. The army of God always sent the worshipers ahead. They advanced through praise.

When we try to fight in the natural, we can become overcome with frustration and a need for justice. When we fight with praise, we partner with His kingdom, with the power that only He holds.

So, this week, although I was worried and weary beyond belief. Even though I have no answers, my sweet pea continues to be in pain, and in need of relief........I choose to fight with worship.

Worship pushes back the darkness and takes me into the courts of the King.

I was booked to lead worship at a few services and I almost decided not to lead, not to sing, not to play my instrument and not to try... and then....................................................... I saw the Light.

I saw that I had only one weapon with which to fight with. The weapon of praise. It is more powerful and more intense than all my emotions and need for answers. It is the answer.

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Cor. 10:3-4

So, this week I chose to push aside my feelings of frustration and injustice and I chose to lead worship instead. I chose to worship in the midst of the turmoil, I chose to thank Him for who He is, and not what I see.

In these moments, I found release, comfort and confidence.
In these moments, I joined with all the hosts of heaven to declare His goodness, and His power.

In these moments, I advance through worship...... and I, am an overcomer.

I will have a testimony of His goodness.

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Rev. 12


Jen said...

Cheryl, know that as you push through and are yet still in the midst of your own unanswered questions....you have encouraged me.
Getting lost in praise and in worship shuts out the questions and the random thoughts....even if for a while.
I think I need to reload my CD player this week, and let the praises shout through out my home.

I am praying for great wisdom and understanding for the doctors, peace and freedom from pain for Lindsay, and compassion and excellence for the nurses.
Hugs to you Cheryl...Love Ya!

Roxanne said...

Cheryl, I love your emphasis on our ability to 'choose'. I am reminded of the power of decision once again.

Holly said...

Worship is one of my weapons of war. I will war with you on this one...will have the music on all week and will be praying for Lindsay too.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

i will pray to and read the and worship also sending love your way cheryl and for lindsey also

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!

Sing loud!

Shari said...
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Shari said...

Your journey with Lindsay has posed unbelievable challenges... but "No Matter What", it is apparent that your love for God and Heart of Worship is "non negotiable".

You have choosen to go....
"Further in and Higher up" C.S. Lewis

joanne said...

Oh Cheryl - my heart breaks for you. I know the Father will keep His promises - - that is who He IS. I will pray for you all.

Thank you for the urgent reminder to push through in praise and worship as we walk in the battle. B's struggle right now is against injustice, slander, and unloving individuals. I will encourage her to lift up the precious Name of Jesus - Higher - Higher -

"Higher" (lyrics - Hillsong)
For unto us a Saviour came
Amazing grace that takes the weight
His name is hope for all the earth
His name now and beyond this life
God with us

And You shall be called Almighty God
And we shall declare

Your name is higher, higher
Jesus Christ Your name is glorious
Your name is greater, sweeter
In all the earth, higher, higher

Now unto me, the Christ revealed
For you so loved and love me still

So great and greatly to be praised are You
So great and greatly to be praised

I owe You my life
I will worship You forever
I owe You my life
I will live to bring You praises

Love you, Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joanne,
I'll take the words of the song and stand on them.
Sending B my love as well... she will be an overcomer and stronger as she chooses to worship despite the pain.

Anonymous said...

I've forgotten my blogger password,
Its been so Long!
I have not forgotten all You wonderful friends in blog world...however I use facebook a bit more lately.
I hope to figure how to return!

Rhonda said...

I love you Worhsipper! And your family.

I am so proud of you!!!

On another note...Really nice changes to the blog. It looks really good.


Amy said...

You modeled TRUE worship for me....Thank you!