Mar 12, 2008

Gratitude Wednesday

While I have been enjoying beautiful weather in Kelowna for a number of weeks, my dear friends in Ontario have been pounded with snow, and cold weather. Apparently the most in many years.

One person commented and said: At least the black flies aren't here yet!!!

So, in honor of all my friends enduring nasty weather, and those who choose to look at life on the brighter side.

Here's an "At least there aren't" list for Winter Wednesday in Ontario.

At least:

1. I don't have a sunburn
2. There aren't black flies
3. I don't have to cut the grass twice a week
4. I'm not sweating buckets
5. I don't have mosquito bites
6. I haven't missed summer vacation
7. I can still enjoy hot chocolate
8. I don't need to start spring cleaning yet
9. I don't have to figure out what to do with my kids on summer break yet
10.I don't have to wear sunscreen.. (or shave my legs as much???)
11.I will look forward to spring more than any year ever!

I'm sure my friends can come up with a few "at leasts" if for no other reason than a good laugh....
What's your "at least" or I'm grateful for?


Amy said...

This afternoon, when I ventured out to get some much needed milk & bread, I was THANKING GOD for the weather we are having....the smell and feel of COLD burned right through me, and was EXACTLY what I needed after being in bed for near 3 days...if it had been summer, it wouldn't have felt near as good to be outside. I drank in the cold, and lingered outside as long as I could....

Shari said...

Yikes - you sure know how to hurt a girl!!

I'm probably the weird one but all this snow is not at all stressful to me. Being an Ottawa Valley girl this is just like my childhood days.

The way I look at it - if it's going to be cold we may as well have a blanket of white to make it nice and bright!!

Cute list!!

Roxanne said...

At least I have a few more months to get in shape before I'm seen in a bathing suit!

Cheryl said...

Thats a funny one Roxanne lol!
good point...

Way to go and celebrate the snow girls

Holly said...

I too had thought of "I will never have been so greatful for Spring!"

Good list Cheryl, I like the one about not having to shave so much!!heeheehee

We filled out our tax refund last night and it is soooooooo tempting to hop on a plane and come see you guys and enjoy your beautiful BC Spring. Maybe next year.....???!!! ;o)

Jen said...

At least Mark doesn't have to worry about Jen buying anymore spring wardrobes for all the girls....YET!!!!

At least I don't have to start the HORRID weeding -my-garden task!

I will tell you girls, though I have not minded our snow....too many years of COLD snowless winters with bored kids, I have never totally given in....I have worn bare-feet and ballet flats almost every day so far....that's the one thing I am craving....dry pavement!

Tammy said...

AT least I can still look forward to Ashley's wedding.
I love summer thought so......I could handle it all year long, yes I am wierd that way.

redeemed diva said...

At least I can still wear my new winter coat I got from Le Chateau for a few more months!

Cheryl said...

Yah!!! Way to go girls!!!

At least we don't have tan lines lol!

Magda said...

Darran is now on 25 days of annual leave (time-off). He booked it months ago thinking he could tackle projects like: finishing the new shed siding, laying pavers in the new "courtyard-garden-to-be", sodding the old veg/weed patch in the backyard...


At least I haven't lost him to the backyard. He's mine. All mine! lol!

Vicki said...

Can you believe I killed a mosquito in my house last night. He must have lost his way!!!!

Tamatha said...

At least Tom and Rebecca have been getting lots of hours at work. (they have both been working at the Batawa Ski hill)

I am looking forward to spring though. VERY much so!