Mar 29, 2008

Spring Is In The Air

We all love the promise of Spring. I haven't met anyone yet, who, at around the month of March, doesn't start longing for the signs of Spring.

It causes all sorts of activities for various individuals.

Some people putz in their gardens, others clean out the garage. All month long, our city streets have been getting cleaned.
Many, do the "annual Spring cleaning purge" Funny how that is, an urge to clean, and bring order to get ready for new things.

I, myself, love the sun and warmth that spring brings. I love to sit on my deck and listen to the sounds of nature, and feel the warmth of the sun.

Hope seems more tangible or as though it can be breathed in somehow.

For the past few days, God had been reminding me of a song that I had no idea who wrote, or all the words... but part of the chorus had been ringing through my heart and mind, and finding its lyrics upon my tongue.

He will come to rain... spring rain
If we ask, He will come

God often speaks to people in music and lyrics. Whether they be secular or Christian songs.
This is one way that God speaks to me... probably because He knows how much I love music, and because He knows I will sing lyrics over and over and over, until I feel like I "GOT" the message.

In time, I remembered that Kevin Prosch wrote this song. I haven't sang it in years, but I am now!

Come let us return unto the Lord

For He has torn us
But He will heal us
For He has wounded us
But He will bandage us
And he will come

He will come to us like rain, spring rain
He will come to us like rain, spring rain

If we ask, He will come
Send His rain on everyone

For every child(soul) needs rain, spring rain

He was obviously inspired by the book of Hosea.
Hosea 6 says:

We're ready to study God, eager for God-knowledge.
As sure as dawn breaks,so sure is his daily arrival.
He comes as rain comes, as spring rain refreshing the ground."

I've been pondering these words all week, especially the part that says:

He comes... or He will come to us.

God is always pursuing us, even when we don't notice it. Often, we think we're the ones running after Him, but truthfully, I think He starts it.

He starts the longing.

The longing for new things in Him. The longing to "clean up" our hearts, the longing to invite Him to bring order, the longing for fresh air, and sunshine....... and even the longing to be willing to be pruned, so that even more new growth can happen.

I get to choose to respond, and the intensity at which I respond.

God is cool, and the kindest most patient relationship I have ever experienced.

Thanks God, for coming to me... like rain, spring rain. I need it.


Jen said...

Your post has caused me to sigh a DEEP sigh Cheryl

"Hope seems more tangible or as though it can be breathed in somehow."

I am breathing very deeply...
Thank you

Holly said...

That was lovely. I feel that I am desperate for Spring (just as I am desperate for Jesus). It is a hard thing but I guess it is a good thing too...

Shari said...

It has been a long winter for mmany. I look outside at the snow - knowing that in a matter of one month the ground will grow warmer and my tulips will begin to appear... for everything there is a season.

Rhonda said...

Cheryl - You are like a breath of fresh air; so refreshing and rejuvenating.

Amy said...

Thank you Cheryl. I love you.

Magda said...

Good word. Certainly Spring is a time of clearing away the old to prepare for the new. What jumps out at me is how important preparation is. We need to take steps, take stock, toss things out, separate wheat from chaff in order to make room for the new things, to be able to recieve them even.

Roxanne said...

Can't say I like the pruning process!

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Your quote at the top is amazing. I am going to borrow it and put it on my mypsace if you do not mind. I also admire you for raising your handicapped daughter. I had a sister who was handicapped and I think my mom is awesome for taking care of her for the twenty years we were able to have her here on earth. Heaven received an awesome girl that day. Keep on keeping on, God bless you.


ps. You're blonde daughter is a cutie too!

Tammy said...

Awesome post!!! It is so true, we are eagerly awaiting the spring and what comes with that. The sound of birds singing outside, the warmth of the sun and YES the melting away of the snow!!!!!!
Purging is so good for the soul and for us to clean up some things that bog us down.
I will blog soon as to what's been up lately.
Luv ya Cheryl!!!!!

joanne said...

What a great verse from Hosea.
I love to be reminded that He comes to us so faithfully, daily, beautifully.
Thanks for the reminder:)
I love spring!!!