Jun 3, 2008


i am: loved.
i think: I am rich
i know: my husband is crazy about me
i want: to live a long life and enjoy my grandkids
i have: nothing to complain about
i wish: for a second miracle for my friend
i hate: lying
i miss: Matt and my Ontario friends
i fear: failure...yup. wrong, but true... God and I are working on it
i feel: blessed beyond measure
i hear: music and the lawn mower
i smell: an americano misto
i crave: CHOCOLATE!
i search: for wisdom
i wonder: about what the church of the future will look like
i regret: not having read more to my kids
i love: my kids, my hubby and flowers
i ache: for restoration
i care: about people ALOT
i always: try to thank people
i am not: very confidant sometimes
i believe: in the power of love.. sappy I know.
i dance: in my head more than with my body
i sing: alot.. in my head, in the car, at work... wherever
i don’t always: have the right words to describe what I am thinking
i fight: ... i hate fighting....
i write: to express my heart and encourage others
i win: every time I help someone else
i lose: things... sometimes.... Ok... a fair bit... no - not lose, misplace.
my motto is : "It'll show up!"
i never: want to live too far from my kids
i confuse: ???? what? I don't know, I'm confused
i listen: to little details
i can usually be found: arranging details, arranging meals, arranging ways to have fun
i am scared: of spiders...forever.
i need:to laugh, I love to laugh
i am happy about: my kids, they are my treasure.


Roxanne said...

Oh, yes, laughter is great. I think we all need some laughter.

Shaun and Holly said...

Shaun and I read this and we BOTH MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

I love to laugh!!! Miss you!

Shaun and Holly said...

We still giggle about you "misplacing" your keys!


Cheryl said...

Yup... I often misplace my keys.... ALTHOUGH... I have this really nice key hook right at my front door now, so its getting better LOL
Now it seems to have moved to my cell phone.... LOL

Shari said...

fun reading... I've currently lost Kevin's camera... his NEW camera!

jennifer said...

neat miss you lots

Rhonda said...

Beautiful words. I love blogger and facebook and email - faraway loved ones don't seem quite so...faraway.


Jen said...

You are a sweety Cheryl, Chocolate and laughing with you (in person), would have me dancing...even outside my head!

How many sleeps until Matt comes home?

Williams Family Blog said...

Miss you Cheryl,
This post made me smile:)

Cheryl said...

Matt comes home in 10 more sleeps.

Miss you all too...

joanne said...

I really love this, Cheryl... makes you think...
i think: thinking is good for us:)

Vicki said...

Ahhh ... the art of misplacing things! We've spent hours this week looking for Andrew's cell phone that went missing on Sunday. I'm pretty sure it's gone for good. How absolutely frustrating!

Tamatha said...

Cheryl! I miss you and I love you! I have been thinking about you guys A LOT!!! (and talking about you!)hehe

Cheryl said...

What??? You've been talking about me??? I don't remember my ears burning!

Love you too!

Tammy said...

Awesome, I should do this one. Too funny!!!!!