Sep 3, 2009

Recommended Worship

This is one of my new worship purchases, that I have been playing constantly at home. This time I got the DVD, and it is excellent and really adds a great dynamic when you have it on in your home environment.
I highly recommend it.

PS- I know, I haven't blogged all summer. More posts are coming soon, and from a very special guest. Keep watching!


Shaun and Holly said...

That was awesome. But who is it exactly...hard to read the name? Someone from Hillsongs? What is the name of the DVD?

Lately we have been enjoying Kim Walker,Rita Springer, Tenth Avenue North, and an older Starfield album.


Cheryl said...

Its someone from Hillsongs.. DVD is called Faith Hope Love.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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Tamatha said...

I just spent the last two or three hours listening to some worship stuff from Jill McCloghry and reading her blog...and listening to a song she wrote that is VERY soothing.:o)

I shall have to catch up on your blog some more tomorrow...for I can hear my pillow calling me now.:o)

love you!