Feb 28, 2007

21 Days

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.

I think the Holy Spirit has prompted me, and I have decided to take initiative, and take a 21 Day journey towards reformation.
Why don't you join me?

All you need is some post it notes, and if you are especially creative, some colored pens, pencils or markers (or crayons for mom's of toddlers)

If you want to know more or join me on this journey, come to my new blog set aside for this specific focus, enter your thoughts, ideas, difficulties, and lessons learned. Or click here to go to it.

Each day I will try to bring insight and encouragement, and testimonies of my journey, whether good or bad. I'm going to start my journey on March 1st, and it will end of March 21st - The first day of spring. A day of promise for new life, and fresh air.


Amy said...

How exciting...and perfect to bring us into spring. Count me in...

Shari said...

It takes only 21 days to form a habit - even the "bad ones" ...Yikess!!

I'm going for a new Good habit in the next 21 days.


Cindy said...

To my friend who inspires, this is for Him and you.
Once again my gaze is up, as the clouds begin to clear;
I've walked this way before, remembering You are near.
Placing Your hand deep inside, in stillness quieted me;
Revealing how much You love and all that I'm to be.
In brokeness transformed my heart, and birthed in me a song;
Taking me to a place in You, a place I've always longed.
Released from pain and darkest fears, in joy I'll journey on.
All because I prayed and asked "have Your way in me";
Not knowing Your plan but choosing to trust, again You set me free.
I've found while on this path, a friend so very dear.
She's sang Your song along the way;
the darkness had to clear.
Thank you for friends, transformed by Love, may we reach out along the way;
Embracing all the gifts you bring, while moulding us, Your clay.