Feb 7, 2007

Bought Some Seeds And Plants Today!

Well, the weather in Kelowna this winter has been one of the most severe that they have had in many years. Usually Kelowna has very mild winters, but this year, was more like a traditional Ontario winter. A fair bit of snow, especailly for these parts. I think it's cool how God chooses to water the earth, even with the snow.
Kelowna is a desert climate, so we get very little rain. Last summer I think it rained 2 days in 2 months. So.............. like my friend Amy, I'm grateful that God is choosing to water the earth with snow. It sure makes these mountains look even more beautiful, and will make the hills and mountains be well watered, come the spring.

I was craving the green of the earth today, so I bought a few seed packets in preparation for the spring, and spent a whole $10 and got myself some happy flowers and fresh little plants. I love spending a half hour on a grey day in a warm greenhouse, admiring all the beautiful flowers.

There is so much to learn from the Lord by sowing seeds, and watching them grow into maturity. Sowing seeds and seeing them come to fullness is not as easy as it looks, the more precious, unique or fragile the plant, the harder it is to maintain the perfect environment for the seed to come into the fullness of life and beauty that it was destined to be. Kinda sounds like you and I doesn't it?

Truth be told, we are all uniquely wired, we are a one of a kind creation, and the destiny that God has for each of us is extremely intricate. We need to be sure we take the time and seek the "Sun" and Rain of His presence so that the seeds of destiny that He has for us, come into complete fullness and maturity.

This reminds me of the parable of the sower found in Matthew 13.
Jesus made his teachings simple for us, by speaking in parables and using ordinary objects that we could relate to and learn from. So, I'm off to meditate on this scripture, take some time to sow some seeds, and ask the Lord how I can produce a plentiful crop.


Amy said...

I miss you.
Thank you for your wisdom even while you are miles away.

Holly said...

What did you plant? Every year, I like to try growing something new. This year I am trying to grow Snapdragons, from seed. The seeds are so tiny...smaller than a grain of salt. But after 2 weeks, there are half a dozen baby seedlings starting to grow! It is so rewarding and helps cheer up my "Winter-Blahs"!