Feb 5, 2007

My Sweet Pea Has Flown The Coup

Well, I'm a lost mother hen right now.
God has miraculously provided the absolute best opportunity for our precious Lindsay. After 17 years of constant care, Lindsay has moved to a Christian home called Bethesda. T
he story is long and miraculous, and later I'll write about it all, but for now, I'm lost.
Although I know this home is God's provision, I am missing all the physical contact of my precious girl. I've seen her every day, and yesterday they brought her to church, so we could enjoy worshiping with her.
Lindsay however, is not missing us! She is being spoiled rotten, and truly cherished like we had always hoped she would be. The staff absolutely love her. Sid and I are truly grateful for God's provision, but we recognize that we are in a huge transition time.
All of my really close friends know how much I love children, and Lindsay has been my forever baby, and the best confidant on earth. She has endured hundreds of kisses and hugs from me daily, and has unconditionally loved and accepted me. My children are the greatest gift on earth to me.
My oldest daughter is becoming a beautiful woman, and I am blessed to be able to share her daily experiences with friends and with the Lord. My son seems to be growing daily, and each day his voice is lower another notch. In a few months, his feet have grown 2 sizes.
Even though all my kids are becoming independent, my mother heart, holds them close, and I guess............... I'll always be a big mother hen!


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East Coast Fillmore said...

Oh Cheryl! My heart goes out to you as I know what a Mother's Heart you have for all children ESPECIALLY your own! What most of us go through with our kids is a very gradual phaze of seeing them grow and becoming more and more independent...then we "let go", gradually. With Lindsay it is so different!! Almost like your baby suddenly going to College! No wonder you miss her so. She is a treasure.
Love you!