Apr 20, 2007


My friend Joy is being overwhelmed with present reality. Often times our present reality looks different than the promises that God has spoken over us.

I for one have experienced this a lot. I have been blessed with a handicapped child, and there have been many long seasons where I did not see relief from my situation. Sometimes things actually got dramatically worse.
One time in particular I was driving early in the morning to Kingston hospital, and I was really tired. I had skunks living under my home and spraying into it. We had just gone through a painful downsize in our business and my daughter was just readmitted to the hospital with a very serious bone infection. She had been hospitalized countless times and I thought I just couldn't do it one more time.

On my drive, I asked God to give me something, a song, or something. (He knows that I like songs) I needed something to get me through this because I could not see clearly with my spirit eyes. I only had faith with no feelings, and even that was a tiny flicker.

He gave me a song. And I sang this song over and over and over again until the hospital stay was done. It was a very difficult hospital visit. Nothing changed in external circumstances but this song kept me in a place of peace and believing. It kept me. It also kept the enemy at bay.

Perseverance is a great attribute that only comes through adversity.

Joy I give this song to you. And I will carry you in prayer. Ask Him to give you something to make it through. He will. He likes to be the Saviour.

I believe that Your promises are true
I believe that what You say, You will do
Even though I cannot see Your ways
I know You're there for me
And I believe that Your promises are true.

You promised life to me
You promised peace
You said You would not leave me
And You'll not forsake me
You promised joy with the morning sun
And strength through the night......
And I believe that Your promises are true.

"Against all hope, Abraham believed, and it was accounted to him as righteousness."


joy... said...

Oh Cheryl... your heart for me has touched me deeply and I weep tonight knowing I have one who is loving me and praying with me and bringing me to the One who can save me from these depths I feel. Thank you for saying the right thing, typing the right thing and for being right where God is asking you to be. I am so grateful...

Cheryl said...

He is always interceding for you. He will help you.

I am blessed to encourage, I had many others do the same for me on my journey (and still do)

Amy said...

Thanks Cheryl.
Much love.

Amy said...
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joy... said...

The weekend is over, the kids are back with me and I'm feeling a little more at rest. Thank you again for your prayers, intercession and encouragement. I SO needed it.
I feel like Amy must've had a bug in my bathroom Saturday night! I was in the tub (a large soaker with jets) completely submerged up to my face and the lights were off, except for one little candle. Her blog today expressed exactly how I was feeling and exactly what I was searching for. I am blessed with great friends, great mentors who know my needs and who constantly remind me that I'm not alone and that HE is with me. Blessings, Cheryl. I love you lots.

Cheryl said...

The power of intercession is pretty amazing isn't it?!! It is very obvious that you are not alone. He is ever interceding for you, and He is calling others to carry your needs to Him.
You must be PRETTY SPECIAL!!

Sue said...

This brings back memories for me. When my daughter was 1 1/2 (she's 15 now) she used to have grand mal seizures. No rhyme or reason just out of the blue.
I can remember one day walking though a store and she had just had a small one that caused her to fall down, hit her head and then start crying (petite mal seizure). I was overwhelmed with fear and grief. Right there in the store I prayed, please God I need You! I was desperate, I thought I was going to lose my mind. But then, it was like a flood of warmth just overcame me right there. I felt such peace. I knew that God had just touched me with His grace.
I had an overwhelming sense in my heart that it was all going to be ok.
I never forgot that moment. It has gotten me through so much.

Cry out to Him, He's so faithful.

God bless, and hugs.