May 25, 2007

Feelings.........Nothing more than feelings

One of my husbands favorite topic to speak on is the difference between soul and spirit living.

The soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. If these 3 things are not in subjection to the Spirit of God .............. we can get ourselves in serious trouble.
One of these 3 would love to rule our lives, and for women, it seems that the emotions would love to rule. We are emotional beings and this is a gift, and something that makes us extra-special, however, if our emotions are allowed to rule, it makes us "extra-especially difficult to deal with!!" I should know! I've done it way to often.

God has had me on a journey of learning to allow His Spirit to rule my emotions. Some days I really blow it. On these days, I allow myself to go on the unpredictable roller-coaster ride that only emotions can take you on.
Remember the old song..........."Feelings, nothing more than feelings......... trying to forget my feelings............. Feelings......... woa , woa, woa, feelings..............
Being ruled by our feelings makes us go woa, woa, woa and moan and get stuck in a mucky mire what I call Stinkin Thinkin. So far, this road has never taken me anywhere but on a downward spiral. That's why we need the word, we need to listen to His Spirit and we need honest friends that we can dialouge with, and will tell us honestly if we are only leaning on our emotions.

I recently read something that said, " The way I see it, is not the way it is, it is just the way I see it. " Emotions can cause thing to appear different that what they really are. It can cause a word turn to a criticism and it can cause hope to turn to discouragement, and confidence into insecurity. It can also stir up feelings of love, tenderness and kindness.
There are benefits and negatives to emotions. The thing we need to remember is that God's Spirit needs to be the plumbline that we bring each emotion to. We cannot allow our emotions to rule how we feel. We are not what we feel. We are who His words says that we are, we are who His Spirit says that we are.
Sometimes our emotions will choose to agree with this, and other days, we will have to function and press in knowing that we are not our feelings. These too will pass, but His word remains the same.
When you are faced with a day full of feelings (and we all have those days!), remember to stop, ask Jesus what He has to say about those feelings. His Spirit will bring them into the light and stop any wrong thinking that have been ruled by our feelings. Just one word from Him can realign those "feelings" into faith and believing for what His word says is true.
"For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace." Romans 8:6


Tamar said...

Wow Cheryl,
That is so true! I've really been convicted this week in my quiet time on such things as you mentioned here.
I am glad God is so patient with me!
Must focus on the life giving thoughts not the life sucking thoughts!

Jen said...

Well written Cheryl.
We are who God says we are, not who we feel we are!
So important to get to that place.
Bless you.

Tamera Svanes said...

Awesome post!

This is something that I have been trying to share on my blog as well. Do you mind if I share your post?

Cheryl said...

Sure, go right ahead!!