May 22, 2007

Gratitude Tuesday!

Well I missed my usual Gratitude Saturday Post!
I was too busy serving at a huge youth conference here in Kelowna. It was so fun to serve along side my kids.

Over the weekend I have come to realize how very valuable my husband is. So this Gratitude Post is all about him.

These are the things about my husband that I am grateful for

1. That he treats me like a princess
2. That for years, every day he would tell me how beautiful I was, when I could not beleive it or recieve it very well. He kept telling me anyways, hoping that one day I would get it.
3. How he has loved and embraced my handicapped child Lindsay. Whenever he could, if he knew I had a difficult medical appt. or a difficult meeting on her behalf, he would find a way to attend with me, just to be a support and help me lift her when she became too heavy to lift. In the past few years, whenever he was home, he did her diapering and lifting.
4. How he can fix ANYTHING. He can find a way to fix anything that breaks in our home! Sometimes he amazes me with all the creative ideas he come up with.
5. How he can speak the "hard words" to people in a way, that they get.
6. How he is so multi-purposed! He has done just about every type of job known to man, and will do whatever he needs to do, to take care of our family
7. How he is an extravigant worshipper. He is one tall man, who doesn't care what he looks like, and will wave a flag, or dance in reckless abandon in worship.
8. How he is risk taker at heart. I know, I can't believe I am saying this, but over the years I have come to appreciate this about him more and more. Great leaders take great risks.
9. How he loves to mentor others, and will spend any extra time, making himself available to someone.
10. That he loves God, and loves me, and loves our kids with a fearce love.


Jen said...

I love and miss Sid, Cheryl....a very unique Godly man. He has been instrumental in so many of our lives. Bless you as you bless him.

Holly said...

Ahhhh....I love Sid!!! Miss seeing him up at the front of my Church dancing with the little ones. So glad that you are blessed with one another. Love you Cheryl!

Williams Family Blog said...


Tell Sid that my kids still talk about recieving those winter green lifesavers from him at church.....are they still the candy of choice or has he tried something new?


Cheryl said...

No he still has them and still passes them out to any little kids that aren't scared of the big tall man.

Amy said...

I, too, miss Sid. He is a very unique man. My whole family loves him to bits...You are a blessed woman.

Cheryl said...

I am blessed!!!

Tamar said...

Sid is definately a Man Who Lives His Love for God OUT LOUD!
We so appretiated his tender heart and honesty! He truely was inspiring to us here at the Mills House!

Sue said...

He sounds like a keeper Cheryl! ;)

A man who isn't afraid to worship is a Godly man!

Tamera Svanes said...


I agree with Sue, he sounds like a keeper.