Oct 19, 2007

Just Imagine

One week has already come and gone since I arrived in Europe. We have been ministering in various types of churches, and in many different locations. The days are long, filled with setting up stages, doing sound checks, performing, ministering to people, and then heading out to the next place.
The countryside is so beautiful! The trees are filled with colors of fall and the red colored roofs in the hamlets and villages speak of great history. The sun has been shining down upon us both in the natural realm and in the supernatural. We have met beautiful, hungry people for God, who have a great desire to build His kingdom here in earth.
It has been wonderful to surpass the language barrier and enter into the language of the Spirit of God. I have seen Him minister to people, even though we don’t understand the spoken word.

In all this, I am overwhelmed at His kindness to me. That He would allow me to see and experience the beauty of another nation. To enjoy in the landscape, the food, the culture and the beautiful people. It is exciting to see that God is moving and stirring the hearts of man, all over the world.

I had always dreamed that one day I would minister in other nations, and now this is a fulfillment of that.

Never underestimate the things that He promises to you.

While I have been on this tour, God has taken me back to seasons where I was walking in tremendous trial and brokenness, He reminded me that those seasons were times of preparation for this.
His plans of preparation are not like we think.

His training goes beyond our reasoning or understanding. Now, I am beginning to see even more clearly that H
e orchestrates things far better that we ever could. The best laid plans of man, whether noble or not, cannot surpass or compare to His. Each situation that we encounter is an opportunity to be trained in the ways of His spirit and His kingdom. Each situation, though physically or emotionally challenging, can be an opportunity to learn and be trained by Him.

Phil 1:6 for I am confidant of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.


Roxanne said...

I am so excited for you! Thanks for giving us little glimpses of what you're experiencing.

Nana Cheryl said...

Amazing what God will do with a committed and yielded heart. :o)

We often look with tunnel vision and God sees the total big picture. He truly does give us the desires of our hearts when they are overflowing with the desire to minister for Him and bring His healing to others.

God is BIG, bigger than we comprenhend. When we let Him out of the boxes we built for Him, He will accomplish what He had planned all along.

So happy for you. Cherish every moment, every day, every encounter. You are BLESSED!!

Jen said...


What our dreams look like to us, and what they look like when fullfilled by Him can be so different can't they? Though incredibly better than we ever dared hope.

Be blessed Cheryl as you give your all to Him, I know that He is blessed!