Mar 1, 2008

Gratitude Saturday

I'm grateful for:
  • Spring Weather for the past 2 weeks.
  • Sunshine
  • 4 Robins who greeted me when I awoke this morning.
  • Lindsay's smile
  • Music
  • Singing.....people and birds
  • Saturdays...a day to catch up, do chores and have fun
  • Cadbury mini eggs....mmmm
  • My husbands blue eyes
  • My son's tender touch
  • Alyssa's infectious zest for life
  • Health
  • My soft couch


Magda said...

Ahhh yes, British Columbia in February...I'll never forget...sunbathing in a corner on my deck in Victoria. In the Comox Valley you could ski, golf and go sailing all in the same day...and there is a small type of cherry tree that well as Yellow Jasmine.
Truly, I think February is the reason people move there...2nd would be the conspicuous absence of eyeball pelting, flesh biting pestilence.
I thank God for the lovely, Springtime (that be May)distraction the Lilacs provide in this my Southeast Ontario...

Cheryl said...

Too funny.....
I have to say that I LOVE it that there are NO mosquitoes here.

Last summer, our whole family slept on our deck under the stars... and reveled in the fact that there were no mosquito bites.

I think people definitely move here for the weather... a desert climate, lots of sun, very little rain, and beautiful mountains... and now The Molenaar's (lol)

Jen said...

Sunning in February...and Molenaars....hmmm, any vacancies?

Amy said... eggs!

Shari said...

Sharon Sh called to say she has 3 robins in her yard already.

We're still shoveling snow - but the sun is shining so all is well!

Holly said...
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Holly said...

I love the sun reflecting off of the snow as it is sooooo very bright. Shaun and I took the dog for a walk this afternoon (Sunday)and I could almost feel my skin drinking in the sunshine!!

You are blessed indeed though Cheryl to get to experience such an early spring!

Love you lots.

Roxanne said...

Spring WILL come...eventually!

Shari said...

Just letting you know that Charmaine has also started a blog

Cheryl said...

Thanks, I'm off to find her.