Nov 21, 2008

Songs I'm Listening To

I just realized that in all the time that I've had this blog, I have never created a post recommending great worship songs and resources.
Now, I'm no expert, however, I am a worship leader, musician, and one who longs to live a life of worship. I am constantly on a quest to hear "new sounds" in worship.
Sometimes they come in the form of an old song - that's been out there forever. Other times they come in the form of a book. And often they come in new songs of worship being sung throughout the earth. I keep having people ask me what music do I listen to - or where did I get a song from that I lead in worship, so I thought it time to send out some recommendations for those who are wondering. Here's a list of some recommended songs and or CD's:
  1. How He Loves - I've been listening to and singing this song for 2 years now... and have NEVER become tired of it. It has brought tremendous healing to me and a revelation of God in amazing ways. John Mark MacMillan wrote this song.. you have to hear the story of the song. Kim Walker sings it wonderfully as well. Click here to see her sing it. A passionate woman of worship and abandonment.
  2. Here Is My Song CD by Kim Walker - The entire CD is filled with deep, passionate worship. I love the whole CD, and it takes me into deep places with God.
  3. Counting on God CD by Desperation Band - I LOVE the entire CD. This fresh CD was birthed out of a place of brokenness. From the ashes came these anthems of praise to God that will keep your focus in the right place. Check out Counting on God right now.
    Its infectious!
  4. You Never Let Go by Matt Redman - A timeless anthem of overcoming. LOVE it! Click here to listen to it.
  5. Hello Love CD by Chris Tomlin - This man is an inspiration to me as a worship leader. He writes songs that resonate through culture and link to the activities of heaven. They keep by focus on Him and His abilities. The entire CD is fantastic. Click here to check out more.
Well - these are just a few of what I've been listening to and filling my ears and heart with... go on - give them a try. You won't be disappointed.


Nana Cheryl said...

Thank you Cheryl!! I used to LOVE seeing what was in your box of "samples" every month when it arrived, or hear your latest favourite (if you weren't singing it on Sunday!!), but I'm too far away now. I will be checking these out.♥

Shari said...

Some of these are familiar and others I will check them out as I'm on the search for some new worship music.

Maureen said...

My favourites are I've always loved you and Just call my name by Third day. I will post the videos.
After listening to these lyrics I now find myself not just tapping my toes and singing to the music but really concentrating on my relationship with Jesus in a quiet place that the two of us share lovingly together.
I am just really learning what the true meaning of worship is and it's awsome.

Amy said...

Thanks Cheryl.

I too, loved learning all the newbies that you brought to the table. I do miss that. Keep us updated!!

I, too, love Kim Walker. Def. my fav. at the moment!

Roxanne said...

Thanks Cheryl. I love How He Loves and Never Let Go. I still remember the first time I heard How He Loves; a very powerful song.

Shaun and Holly said...

Thanks Cheryl. I hope you will do a post like this one in the future! This is going to help me Christmas Shop for my husband as I love to get him great music!!

Sheila said...

Hi Cheryl! I always appreciate your suggestions.

And I gave you an award over at my blog!

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