Oct 26, 2009

Inspiring Hope

I've been a bit busy the past number of months and so my blog has been neglected. That's Ok because its all been for good reason. I've been busy travelling and encouraging leaders across Canada.
Even more importantly, in my free time, I have been busy dreaming of Africa and helping to plan for an African Choir that is coming to Kelowna in December.
One of the things that my husband and I will be doing is holding a business leaders luncheon to raise significant funds for drought relief for these wonderful children.
The orphanage I visited a year ago, is for the first time ever going on tour across North America to raise funds and awareness for the efforts at Mully Childrens Family.
I could talk for ever about this tremendous opportunity and the incredible entrepreneurial spirit that Charles Mulli has, but I'll let you click the links provided in this post and let you discover the story of hope yourself.
You won't be disappointed, and you may even be inspired to : Against all hope..... believe.


Shaun and Holly said...

The Mully's Children Choir will actually be at MY CHURCH in just a few weeks!!!! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I heard that, you will be very inspired by their story. It is cool how there are so many connections with this tour and people from Ontario.

Jen said...

So good to read a post from our dear Cheryl...You really have been one busy lady! Love to you sweet lady.

Holly, when is the choir at your church...I'd like to go.

Shaun and Holly said...
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SHARI said...

We had the Mully Children's Family Choir sing at our community Good Friday service this past Easter at Calvary Temple - they were awesome.

Shaun and Holly said...

That would be Nov 1st, Sunday at 7:00!!!!

Rhonda said...

The Mully Childrens Choir is going to be at Centennial Secondary next week.

Thinking of you Cheryl as you fulfill more of your giftings planning this wonderful event.