Nov 2, 2009

Its a small world

I have been blessed to be able to be at 4 Gifted to Lead events in Canada this year. I get to MC at these events and help with the months of planning that goes into these days. The response has been overwhelming.There is a huge amount of women in Canada who are looking for mentoring and training about leadership.
Recently it took me to Moncton, NB. I posted some great feedback about this gathering on the Gifted to Lead blog. It sure is awesome to visit churches in various provinces. Now, it will be in my home town of Kelowna on Nov. 4.
Along with this, Nancy agreed to do a special Arts Gathering on a live web streaming cafe tomorrow night on Tuesday, Nov. 4. If you know of Arts Leaders in your area that would like to log on and watch it live, check out the event here.

This time, at Gifted to Lead in Kelowna we will be having a special guest. Her name is Rosemary Flaaten and she is an accomplished Canadian author and speaker. I had the privilege of meeting her in Calgary, and now we are bringing her to Kelowna to do a special interview with Nancy Beach at one of the Gifted to Lead sessions and also do a camera interview with me for our web site.
Just yesterday, I found out that my dear friend Jen, has been reading Rosemary's book. Make sure you check out her blog. I was overwhelmed at how God allows us to see divine connections in action. Its so cool that a friend from another province is deeply impacted by a new friend that I have made out here in western Canada. These type of little occurrences always remind me of the amazing workings of God and how He divinely connects us all. I'm so grateful that He lets me be a part first hand of seeing His handiwork.
It truly is a small world!


Jen said...


I am so excited to be going to White Horse this weekend, but I have to admit there is a wee bit of me that is jealous and wishing I could be with you at your event...God Connections are so thrilling! I will be praying much blessing on all of you, I can't wait to hear more.

Shaun and Holly said...

Wow Girls!!! That is way cool!! :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks Jen. I'm sure you will have a tremendous time in Indiana. Have fun with Sid.

Rhonda said...

It really is a small world. I love how God knits our lives together - so much better than we could ever do ourselves.


Jen and I went together to the event where we each received the book by Rosemary Flaaten. Shannon Ethridge was the guest speaker.

Tamatha said...

"It's a small world after all..."