Nov 3, 2009

A Time Out

I've had the privilege of having Nancy Beach in Kelowna this week. I've been able to work with her and to help facilitate Gifted to Lead events in 4 different provinces in Canada this year During this time I have come to really appreciated and admire her ability to communicate and I have been overwhelmed with the wealth of wisdom that she possesses from years of experience as a Arts Director at Willow Creek Association.

Last night she went above and beyond and shared at a special arts gathering. During this evening we drilled her with all sorts of questions that are on the mind of arts leaders in the church.

One of he things she talked about was making sure you take time apart as a worship/arts team. It can be a day or two, at a home of a friend, or at a retreat center, but is so important to just do it.
Here is what she says are the key elements of a retreat for your team. I think these elements are not important for any team, and even a family gathering.

Take time out to:
  1. Celebrate (where you've come from and the things you've accomplished)
  2. Honor (one another and the processes you have been in)
  3. Have Fun (what can I say? Laughter is good medicine!)
I'd say that this is good advice!


Rhonda said...

That sounds like great advice.

Cheryl - I'm so glad that you're having this opportunity. What a great leader Nancy is.

Enjoy every minute of the event!

Love you and I'm so proud of you.


Shari said...

I have been reading her book "Gifted To Lead" and am really enjoying it. She sounds like an amazing lady - You are very blessed to spend time with her!!