Nov 7, 2009

A word in season

I don't know what God has been speaking to you lately. But I have a word for this season that God has spoken to me.
It's called HOPE.

Its been on my heart for at least 3 months now. Does this mean I have felt this way for 3 months now?
Ah..... no. That's is exactly why I need a word from God for the season I am in. I need His perspective.

Now, every time I open the paper or read things, or speak to others or read God's word, I am noticing the word hope. I am speaking the word hope.

It's a word in season. It is for you and me. Hope is not wishful thinking, it's confidant believing.

I declare that this is a season of hope, despite what you see or what you hear on the news or what the financial systems of this world say.

Put your hope in God alone.

Here is what I read this morning as I was studying the word hope:

"Hope focuses on God and fills us with eager expectation. No one who learns to hope in a biblical way will ever be overcome by disappointment but will be filled with patience, encouragement and enthusiasm."

"Hope is a great affirmation of trust in God, not because the believer knows what is ahead, but because God is know as wholly trustworthy"

Here are the words to a song I wrote recently that has been pouring hope into my heart:

My soul finds rest in God alone (repeat, until you get it!!)

Why so downcast O my soul
Put your hope in God alone
He's a redeemer, He is a healer
He has the answers to all of my questions (repeat)

And He is in control
He is God alone
God of the heavens
God of the earth
Sovereign, Majestic and awesome in wonders is He (repeat)

The Lord is good and His love endures
The Lord is good and His love endures
The Lord is good and His love endures everyday


Jen said...

Oh I hear you Cheryl! "Hope is Rising" has been in my spirit since the summer....and after having declared it and believed for it for a very long time...IT IS!!!!
I am praying for you, it was so nice to spend time with your hubby in Indiana...did he give you our hugs? Ask him about "reading my mail" at my birthday dinner...I laugh every time I think about it.
By the way, Mark and I LOVE your have been blessed to be given such a special gift of friendship.

I'd love to hear more about your event as well, email me if you get a minute.
Love to you ...

Holly said...

Great word, Cheryl and I do so love your song! Hope to get to hear you singing it, eventually!


Cheryl said...

Thanks gals, yes I got a big hug from Sid. I'm so glad you had a good time together. Its always a blessing to be with Jeff John's isn't it?

I agree with you that hope has been rising since the summer. I can't explain it, but my heart knows it to be true.

Tamatha said...

Thanks for the words on hope...definately need that one!:o)