Nov 11, 2009

The Best Things In Life Are Free

When I awoke this morning, this was the first clear thought on my mind and heart after a night of blissful dreaming and sleep. It is good to take time out to celebrate and enjoy the simple things in life.

Embrace the moment, celebrate today.

We live in such a busy society where we are always working towards something in the future. Obviously this is necessary but it can't be where all of our thoughts and energies are. We also need to live in the moment. We need to enjoy some of the best things in life that are free and only require our attention to notice.

I love to do this. I love to escape from the everyday tasks and in my mind, celebrate the things that bring me joy. Sometimes they are things that I have experience that day or a previous one.
Here's my list for today of some of the best things:

  • the soft kiss of a child
  • infectious laughter that creates a spontaneous response
  • morning sun that shines so bright you have to squint
  • watching a newborn baby stretch
  • the sound of silence
  • walking through a garden center and admiring the lovely colored blooms and creative arrangements
  • the sound of waves gently swishing on shore
  • the sound of an acoustic guitar being played softly
  • hearing kind words spoken to me or about someone I love
  • the ability to hum and sing
  • snuggling on a big cushy chair with a hot tea
  • brilliant colors
  • the smell of my husbands cologne
  • sparkling white lights lit up on a dark night
  • walking barefoot on the sand or on soft grass
  • a candle glowing
Has it got you thinking? Good. Enjoy the moment and remember the best things in life are free.


Holly said...

Some of the best things in life that are free:
~the smell of the Ocean
~the crashing of the waves
~the gurgling sounds of Spring thaw
~a warm embrace
~sitting in a sun beam
~being the recipient of a child's smile
~deep intimate worship
~ witnessing a child's excitement
for Christmas

Williams Family Blog said...

Off the top of my head

-belly laughs
-the smell of the roses in my garden
-Kookaburra's laugh
-magpies song
-the salty smell of the sea
-roar of rough seas
-smell of freshly baked bread
-finding sea glass at the beach
-butterfly kisses


Shari said...

Great list
laughter, kisses, stretching, silence, garden shopping, waves swishing, my son playing his guitar, Kev's cologne, morning sun steaming through my living windows, warm sand on my toes....

Yup - it's a great list Cheryl! I'm in total agreement!!

Oh, in addition to a baby stretching I love to watch our dogs have their morning stretch... it's contagious.

Tamatha said...

*encouraging words from a friend
*puppy breath
*stories that Grandma tells
*time spent with family

What a great list Cheryl...thought I would put my two cents in. I am slowing getting caught up on everyones blogs. Hoping to stay that way this time!:o)