Nov 28, 2009

A Heavenly Moment

Sometimes we get to experience what I call "heaven on earth".
You know; those moments that are tender, precious and overwhelming. They come with and a rush of unexpected emotion.

Today, I went with my daughter to look at wedding dresses. I have dreamed of this day, ever since she was born. All the years of waiting and anticipation were upon me. Both of us went, not really expecting to find "the dress" but really looking forward to trying on loads of beautiful gowns and all the fun it would bring.
My daughter looked spectacular in each one and I knew she was enjoying every moment in every dress. She loves being a woman, and that makes me happy. She is a strong, delicate, complicated, intricate, passionate young woman who brings me more joy than my words will ever be able to express.

After two bridal shops, countless dresses and 5 hours of fun, something happened. We saw "the one"
When I saw it, I gasped and spontaneously breathed her name. It had everything she and I both loved.
After trying on other dresses, it was time for this breathless one.

Out she came, and her eyes went from "I'm having so much fun" to "I have found the one"

What a joy to see the spontaneous smile that couldn't be wiped off her face even if you tried. Her chatter went from normal into over drive. She couldn't stop talking about it. She couldn't stop saying, "I like this one, I like it alot"
Then, her eyes became moist with tears of joy and I spontaneously responded only a second behind her.

All of a sudden, the room started getting too crowded for me (as there were other brides and people there) The chatter of a room full of happy women became louder than I could handle.
Something was happening to me. "This room was too small for us all" I thought. I needed help.

I pushed past my fear of what others would think and spoke up:
"Can I have some time alone with Alyssa?" I said.
Immediately a hush hit everyone and they softly said "Sure. Yes, sure!"

This was my moment, our moment, a heavenly moment.
I knew that this was a treaure that I would never forget and never again be able to repeat. I needed to enjoy every second, every word, every look, every moment. This was our moment.

I had her swish and swirl. I had her pose this way and that. Then, I asked her to sit right down on the carpet and I arranged the dress around her precious body. Here, sat my priceless treasure, that was as pretty as a princess.
We smiled, we cried, we imagined the day and we dreamed of how the groom would respond to her beauty.

All of a sudden, my eyes saw my toddler daughter. I saw the innocence of her childhood and I had flashbacks of her looking at me when she was but a babe. I saw the eyes that used to look at me with trust and love. This was a heavenly moment, and one that I will never, ever forget.

Dreams do come true, if you only believe. Today, I experienced heaven here on earth. I am the richest person on earth. It was worth the wait.


Cyndi said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, precious moment. You made me cry!

Amy said...

beautiful Cheryl. Made me cry too!

Jen said...

Oh Cheryl!!!! That is so very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I am so glad that you both had this precious new memory together. I think it is so awesome that you both knew that it was THE dress the minute you saw it on wasn't mom loving one dress and bride having different tastes all together....I was very misty reading about your very precious moment...Sending so much love to you both!

Shaun and Holly said...

So wonderful!!!!!

Williams Family Blog said...

Thanks for sharing this special moment,...sniffle, sniffle

Amanda said...

eyes welling up....woah!
thanks soo much for sharing that beautiful moment. congrats once again!!! :D soooo excited for all!

Anonymous said...

I read it to Sid last night and cried some more...

Shari said...

Very sweet!!

The Hippie Moose said...

You should print that story out for her wedding album.

Shaun and Holly said...

Good idea Steph!

Tamatha said...

Wow Cheryl! That is wonderful!:O) Thanks for taking the time to share this story!:o) I am SO happy for her!! (and all of you!)