Jan 18, 2010

Gratitude Monday

Its been WAY too long since I've done a Gratitude Monday post.
I found a great post about the power of gratitude, click here to read it.
Stephen Post, Ph.D.,  from Cleveland, Ohio says that this is what gratitude does.

1. Defends
2. Sharpens
3. Calms
4. Strengthens
5. Heals
Here's my totally random list of things I'm grateful for this Monday:

My sons laugh, its contagious...
Second chances...

My new red boots (yay for Christmas money!)...
The crunchy sound of raw carrots when you munch on them...

Sun that shines so bright I have to grab my son's sunglasses and put them on!...
Laughter, its good medicine....                              

        Color. Can you imagine if everything was black and white?                                    


    Holly said...

    What a great list!!!
    I am grateful too for:
    *my husbands sweet words of encouragement
    *my electric blanket (sooooo cozy!)
    *a New Year full of possibilities
    *friends and laughter!


    Amy said...

    Okay. Wow on those boots!!!!!!
    Great list. Will post one soon as well!!

    Shaun and Holly said...

    ps. Your boots are fabulous and look perfect on you! :)

    Shari said...

    Those aren't boots.... they're Snake Kickers!

    Amanda said...

    lovin those hawt red boots! you go girl!