Jan 14, 2010

Simple Inspiration

You have to check out this blog. Of course, if you're a guy, you may not appreciate it quite as much as I do.
This site causes me to worship because it is filled with beautiful pictures and recipes that make me want to create culinary delights and to stop and enjoy and celebrate the simple things in life.
It inspires me to be creative and to celebrate simplicity and beauty in nature and others. I never knew chopped garlic could look so beautiful!
I made these on the weekend and it created an explosion of taste that was exquisite. This is worship. God created nature and foods for us to enjoy. Take time to stop and enjoy and see the beauty that is as close as your kitchen counter.

God has wired us each to be creative in different ways. What are the simple things in life that inspire you to be grateful for and enjoy? 

Thanks Pioneer Woman.

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