Jan 9, 2010

Change: Part 2

I cannot get over how many posts and articles I have discovered in the past week that are about change and transition and letting go. In order for change to occur, we have to let go of some things to grab onto the new. Whenever I hear the word change or transition I see a picture of someone leaping like an acrobat from one bar, letting go and leaping in faith to the new bar that is waiting. (see my post on CHANGE)

For those who have ears to hear: listen to what He is saying to the church.

Here are a few posts that I recommend you check out:

Sean Feucht: The T Word: A Prophetic Word for the New Year
Craig Groschel : The One Thing to Let Go Of
Cheryl Molenaar: Transition
Seth Godin: Welcome to the frustration decade (and the decade of change)

This morning as I was making my world famous banana muffins, and I was contemplating the restlessness I feel in the air all around me, this scripture came to my mind from Romans 8.

The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. 

I urge you to have the courage to let go of anything that God wants you to let go of, so that you can leap and reach for the greater and higher that awaits you. It takes strength, it takes agility, it takes risk, it takes faith and courage. Let Him lead you into it.


Holly said...

Thank you for the links. I will check them out later this week. The things that you are taking about so resonate with me.

Last night I had a dream that both hubby and me were going to University full time starting in the Fall. In my Spirit I know that this means that we will both be coming into a Season where we will be learning LOTS! (That scares me a bit but I suppose I could choose to be excited about this great adventure)!! lol :)


Jen said...

OK...I hear you God.

I am impacted...
As I baked a cake for dessert tonight at Rhonda's and cleaned my kitchen, I was doing some thinking.
Nostalgic thoughts...
Thoughts about some conversations with my girls today...
Thoughts going in a hundred directions...that all boiled down to "holding on".
When I left 2008, God told me to complete some things. I knew that when I did, I would be able to move forward to what He was doing next. I did what I heard Him tell me to do.

Lots of revelation came in 2009, but none that gave me personal clarity for my future. I think my word for 2009 was "Stretching"...I felt it and referred to it often.

I think I spent the whole year stretching to reach that next trapeze bar....but was too afraid/unwilling to let go of the last one. It would seem I could never quite stretch enough.
Now I am realizing:
I wasn't supposed to be able to hold them both at the same time...(might explain the feeling of being broken in two)
Maybe if I had been more willing sooner, I would have smoothly grabbed hold of the next bar and not felt so much discomfort.
I don't have any regrets though...I know that God met me where I was at and that He patiently and lovingly got me ready.
I learned a lot this year...mostly about me; that is invaluable no matter how hard the lessons come.

Well, I don't see the future any more clearly at this very moment...but I figure if God is using your metaphor to speak to me that must mean the new trapeze bar is right there within reach...one more stretch and flying leap!

Thanks again Cheryl!
Keep hearing and sharing...xo

Rhonda said...

Thank you Cheryl - Mark & I were discussing change in our own personal lives.