Jan 7, 2010

Live in the Moment

My husband Sid, he's a keeper. One of the things that I admire about him is his willingness to allow God to change his perspective. He of course, didn't even know that I had written about change on my blog.
He has a group of people that he sends thoughts to via email on a regular basis.
Here is today's entry for you to enjoy.

As I was laying on my bed meditating prior to the closing of another day, I began to thank my Father of all the things he has changed in my heart over the past year. One of those changes that stand out the most is how to live in the moment.

I often live in the future, planning my days, weeks, and months, trying to figure out how the bills are going to get paid, how to find new business, what should or shouldn’t happen at church or how this relationship should happen or change… Thinking back, at the beginning of 2009 all we heard was the gloom that was forecasted in regards to the worlds financial future. Although this did have an impact on our lives, we still managed, as did many others.

The truth is that not one of us would have known the end of the year even if we had the most intimate relationship with our heavenly Father. If Jesus did not know his future, then I do not think we will either. If knowing our future was necessary, then the Father would tell us, and in some cases He does but more often He doesn't. Why?

Because we don’t need to know, we need to trust the Father as Jesus did. Jesus said not to be concerned about tomorrow for today has enough problems of its own and that worrying changes not even a minute of our day. If I focused on the "what if's" of my future, I will miss the beautiful lessons of life in the day.

Learning to live in the moment has forced me to trust in the love the Father has for me. He is my provider, He will help me navigate through relationships that are good and or difficult and He will give the grace to enjoy the day or grace to endure the day. I find when I focus on today it is easier to live in the moment.

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Sid Molenaar


Jen said...

AWESOME thoughts from our friend SId...we so need to learn to live in the now, planning, yes...but making every second of right now count.
This moment is all we are promised, this breath, right now...
I believe I have spent way too much time in the past, trying to see, hear God and figure out the future...I wonder what now-moments I missed, only looking ahead.
At the beginning of 2009, God spoke to me about my walk...not worrying so much about each step and where it would take me, but with my Eyes on Him, trusting Him to make the path straight.
Still pretty much felt like I was walking blindfolded most of the year, but He still led me exactly where he wanted me and I think I enjoyed more of the journey too.

Holly said...

Thank you Sid. We always love reading your thoughts. How do we get on this mailing list of yours? Tee-hee! ; )