Dec 4, 2010

Moving Forward

My life has been very full and rewarding of late. I have learned things I never knew and discovered and enjoyed things I never thought possible. I have learned more about who I am meant to be, discovered the power of choices and learned to let go, look at things differently, and move forward.

You and I only have one life to live, and I believe we are meant to be all that God has intended. In order to do that, sometimes we need help discovering our purpose and putting actions to our dreams.

Since July, I have been in professional training to be a certified coach. I keep being asked, "What is a professional coach or a life coach?" 
So, here's an answer for you.

A coach creates a space for clients where they are listened to, discovered and celebrated. A coach works with clients to help them discover the greatness within them, call them forward and to help them discover and pursue their dreams and goals. It is about personal or corporate development and advancement. My goal is to inspire others towards living life to the fullest, whether in their personal lives, as a team or corporately. Coaching can be offered on various levels.

Coaching Executives
Co-active coaching provides executives a space in which powerful, healthy, conversations can unfold in service of confronting habitual thinking that stifles innovation. These skills are not controlling or demanding, but instead foster an attitude full of encouragement and belief in oneself and the other.

Coaching Individuals
Coaching creates a powerful dynamic relationship between two people. However, rather than instruct, advise or problem solve, the job of the coach is to ask questions, listen and empower. Co-active coaches believe their clients are already great and it’s their job to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity the client already has to achieve extraordinary results.

Coaching within Organizations
Coaching has rapidly become recognized as a powerful strategy for effectively increasing human development and retention within organizations. Internal Co-active coaches can set the foundation of working relationships that maximize individual engagement, team commitment and results.

Coaching for Impact
In a business climate where people are required to do more with less, the ability to communicate and form effective working relationships is proving to be the key to career advancement. Co-active Coaching offers these skills by uniquely demonstrating how to master effective conversation without compromising what you want, who you are, or treading on other people in the process.

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