Dec 22, 2010


Its almost Christmas, and the thoughts of family, fun and gifts of love are ever present on the minds of many.
We have incredible gifts presented to us each and every day and in every season... IF we choose to recognize and receive them.
This year, I have received many gifts. Some came by a passionate pursuit, some by surprise and others by making a choice and finding a gift at the end of the road.

Here are some of the invaluable gifts I've received this year:
  • vocalizing and pursuing dreams
  • a new son
  • learning the power of choice
  • letting go
  • hanging on
  • writing songs of hope amidst the fog of a storm
  • perseverance
  • waiting
  • leaping into the unknown and landing on new ground
  • finding love in new places
  • seeing beauty in every day
  • knowing you (that's right, you are a gift!)
  • God truly knowing me and loving me like no other
What is your list of invaluable gifts?

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