Feb 22, 2011

I'm Just Sayin' !

I have almost never been speechless. Don't blame me, it's my genetic "blessing". I haven't met a quiet Redner yet. (Redner was my maiden name). Our clan has the "chat" gene.
The Redner women in particular have a particular calling to articulate. It's a gift, you don't need to thank me, just thank God.

Although I appear to have been speechless and silent on my blog. I still have alot to say. I've just been saying it in different ways AND I've been learning to listen even more. My desire to be a certified life coach has catapulted me into the realm of using words from a different perspective. I'm learning to ask alot more "what" and "how" questions as opposed to just rambling on.
I think my family may just benefit from it all! I'm sure my husband will be grateful.

Today as I was at work I had an axiom come to my mind.
You don't know what an axiom is?????????

Neither did I till I read a book that Bill Hybels wrote about them.  
Axiom means:
a generally accepted proposition or principle, sanctioned by experience; maxim
a universally established principle or law that is not a necessary truth: the axioms of politics
a self-evident statement

So, basically, in you and me terms,  it means:

What's your saying? What are some things you've learned and then put to a slogan or a grouping of words? They are usually nuggets of wisdom or reminders of a principle that you have learned through experience. It may mean nothing to someone else, but it speaks volumes to you.

I realized today that I have a few axioms, but have never written them down anywhere. I'm going to have to going hunting for a few of them in my old journals or worse yet in that thing we call a memory.

I decided today that I wanted to start writing down my axioms. Why don't you too?
They are invaluable to us personally and possibly for generations after us.

Here's a few of mine:
  •  The best things in life are free, but necessarily easy
  •   Rest is a weapon
  •   Contentment is a state of BEING, not doing or having
  •   Have you ever tried to play hide and seek with God? He always lets you find Him 
  •   Give yourself permission to fail. Then, wipe the dust off yourself and GET BACK UP and  try again. It's only failure if you stop trying.    
What are some of yours?

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D J Futers said...

Great blog cousin...I concur with the Redner 'chat' gene. As the son of a Redner I have had first hand evidence.

Here's one of my axioms (I don't necessarily always say it this nicely...).

An offense is YOUR problem. Get over it!