Oct 26, 2011

The Making Of A Miracle - Part 9

Recap from last post:
* I knocked on a door that seemed to stay shut
* Challenges were still on the horizon
* I boldly asked for something that I apparently could not have

Summer proved to be as long as I thought it would. The Okanagan is wonderfully hot and desert like in the summer. Unfortunately Lindsay doesn't do well with heat, so our options for activities were extremely limited. Seeing as there was no summer camp or day program, Lindsay had no regular routine, which converted to a massive dose of yelling and Barney. It definitely takes its toll on your level of patience and sanity. My level was getting real low.

About mid July I was in my husband's office helping him do some bookings for his work travels that would be coming up in the fall. As I reviewed his calendar for possible openings, I noticed that he had something booked on a weekend that may be an option for travel. October the 13th had a booking.
I opened the calendar entry on his phone,  and all it had was a booking that said:

God is going to do something.

What on earth? I thought with a spark of curiosity.
Hey babe, what is this in your calendar? It says God's going to do something and its written down on October the 13th?

What?!!! He said.

You have something booked on your calendar for October the 13th. It says, God is going to do something. What on earth does that mean? I inquired.

Let me see that.  He said as he pulled his phone from my hands.
He had a puzzled look and stared off into the recesses of his memory.  Then he said:

Oh ya.. now I remember! 

I don't know. I was praying one morning back in the beginning of the year, and I think I heard God say: 

On October the 13th, I am going to do something.

It made no sense to me but it was SO strong and it felt so real that I felt like I had to write it down somewhere to remember it. So, I put it in my calendar.

I just stared at him, blinking, trying to find words. 
Um....Do you have any idea what He is going to do? I said.

I just thought I'd write it down. I actually totally forgot about it, until today. He said.

Well that's kinda weird. I said.

Are you sure this was God?
I mean this has never happened where you think God talked to you about a date on the calendar! 
Are you sure?!! I inquired. 

This was a wee bit downright weird and out of character for my husband, and frankly, what we knew of God and our friendship with Him.

We chatted about it for a while. Then we started wondering if it could be true. 

Could God be this specific? And if so... Why? What for?

Maybe Sid was hearing things.. maybe he ate too much pizza the night before... maybe it was wishful thinking... 
We had more questions than answers and yet we felt child like and as though we had discovered a secret.
After much chatting, we came to the conclusion, that God had spoke to Sid and it made no sense to us.

We laughed and said:  Well... we'll see when October the 13th arrives! 
Back we went to our daily duties and responsibilities and the conversation with God and the date quickly vanished from our memories.

In the next few months, the thought of October the 13th came to our minds whenever we came across the calendar and saw the " God is going to do something" scheduled in. 

In those moments we would wonder like a child does when their mind wanders to a fantasy world.  And then, life would quickly snap us out of a dreamland and back to reality. Real quick. 

Sometimes reality is a far away from a miracle as you can possibly get.
That doesn't mean God is not there or that He doesn't care.
He's working behind the scenes.

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