Oct 26, 2011

Making Of A Miracle - Part 10

Recap from last post:
* We found a forgotten note from God.
* We had no idea what it meant, or if it was real.
* Occasionally we got curious and somewhat hopeful that something may happen on October 13th.

I know.................your curiosity is peaked now, isn't it? Good! 

I hope your perspective and desire to believe are as well.

You too have an incredible story that God wants to write with your life. 

Early October, we were reminded of "the 13th day" in Sid's calendar and we began to get really curious about it.

What could it be? Could it even be anything? If it was... what would it be?

It felt like we were kids trying to sort out whether that gift under the Christmas tree was for us, and if it was, what was in it?

Friday October the 13th came and went. Many people are really superstitious about this day.
Here's how the day shook down for us:
  • I had a fender bender in a parking lot. The person that hit me did not want to take any responsibility for it. Seeing as it was in a parking lot. We were stuck with repairing the dent.
  • My husband got to wander in the woods and spend some time hunting.  That day a whole group (herd) of Cariboo ran across his path. It was spectacular. 
When Sid arrived home, we assessed the "Friday October the13th" situation. We were somewhat puzzled.  

The situations didn't seem to match the revelation. 

It actually felt somewhat anticlimactic.

A fender bender certainly didn't match any of the hopes and imaginations.
Seeing the Cariboo were spectacular and caused Sid to be grateful...... but, it also caused him to feel as though maybe he had somehow missed the mark.

Maybe we were over thinking this date thing.

Maybe this hunting experience was the "thing" that God was going to do.
I mean, how great is that to be out in the mountains and see God's nature come rushing by? 

We decided to take the perspective that we could see God's handiwork in the day, and that maybe that's all it was ever meant to be. Sid got to be somewhere that he loved and got see something that he he had never seen before. That was a gift. We could be good with that.

Onward we went. 
Completely unaware of the Master Plan. 

Oblivious to the Miracle in the Making. 
Sometimes miracles hide.


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